October 1, 2019

Louie Rankin died today in a car accident


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Jamaica actor and dancehall artist Louie Rankin died  today in a car accident.

Rankin died on the scene after his vehicle and a transport truck was involved in a collision this morning on Highway 89 in Meancthon Township just outside of Toronto.

Louie Rankin was born Leonard Forbes in St. Thomas, Jamaican and grew up in various communities in Kingston such as Rockfort, Warika Hill and East Kingston. His most successful song was the single “Typewriter,” released in 1992.

Rankin was best know for his acting roles as Ox in Belly and Teddy Brukshut in Shottas.

He was currently residing in Toronto, Ontario at the time of his death. The provincial police are still investigating the fatal accident.

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