December 11, 2018

Kalado caught with Guns


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Dancehall artist Kalado was brought in for questioning by the police in St. Catherine, Jamaica for having guns in his possession.

A photo, which showed Kalado seated behind a desk of  three guns resembling high powered rifles, quickly went viral, prompting some to believe the firearms were real.

After investigations by the Spanish Town Criminal Investigative Branch the guns were revealed to be water guns. He was subsequently released.

It is reported that the entertainer, whose real name is Eton Gordon was on his way to a video shoot in Portmore but did not obtain the necessary paperwork through the Ministry of National Security to use the prop guns in his music video.

Kalado could’ve faced charges under the Firearms Act of up to $1 million Jamaican dollars (approximately $8,000 US) or imprisonment of up to five years if wasn’t proven that the prop guns were going to be used for lawful reasons.

Last year, concerns about dancehall artists brandishing guns in their music videos were also brought to the forefront following the release of Alkaline’s After All music video and later Popcaan’s El Chopo music video.

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