August 19, 2012

Welcome to the Dancehall Scene!


No Comments is your number one source to find dancehall events in major cities around the world. The website also features content from djs, artists, models and other entertainers while also providing a platform to empower and connect promoters, writers, photographers, videographers, and other individuals in dancehall and the music industry as a whole.

What the website offers:

  • Dancehall and reggae events listing in your area
  • The latest dancehall and reggae music, songs, albums, mixtapes and playlists
  • News and updates in Jamaica and dancehall industry worldwide
  • Photos of people in the dancehall Scene nightlife
  • Latest music videos and viral clips
  • Other features such as movies, style and models

What you can find and achieve on the website:

  • Find dancehall events where ever you go
  • Get the latest music
  • Watch the latest music videos, movies and viral videos
  • Sign up using your Facebook to comment and post content

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